IS an Iraqi company, operating from Iraq, owned by Iraqis and
run by Iraqi professionals, their mission is supplying and supporting
the Iraqi market with safe, cutting-edge devices, drugs, and
supplies for the improvement of human health, in Iraq.
IS marketing and Sales of highly technical products for specialized fields of
Medicine,  Surgery, and Gynecology, such as Cardiology, Cardiac surgery,
ophthalmology, ENT surgery, orthopaedic surgery, MIS, rehabilitation equipment,
sterilization equipment
WE anticipate a steady growth of the private sector after it was almost non existent
before the war. The private sector will need some time to be operational because it
is directly related to the security and economic situation.
Our strategy is to gather our forces and prepare ourselves to be in the market when
it starts to open up.

IN the past because we had only one client and that is the Iraqi Ministry of Health,
the structure of our workforce was geared in a certain way, but this marketing
strategy we are revising to aim at a bigger and more sophisticated market.
Iraqis may have been forced to accept cheap products in the past, this was
choice by obligation, but if you know the mentality of the real Iraqis, you will know
that nothing short of the best will satisfy them, so we have decided to deal only with
the best we can find.

WE seriously believe that privatization is the future of the medical sector in Iraq, we
are planning our strategy to be fully harmonies with such a move. We are currently
very active in finding the right partners in each county in Iraq; those partners will
assist largely in marketing and servicing the products we deal with. We strongly
believe that good after sales services is the best strategy for selling more products.